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Why Customer Experience & Tech are about Less than More? Stop Counterintuitive Design & Cut the Waste

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | November 13, 2017
This article will help you as a leader to decide or help your teams to decide where to cut useless features and functionalities. There is no sustainable customer experience...

How do enterprise technology companies simplify their products services and experiences? Part II

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | November 6, 2017
In this article, we are going to give a few examples of enterprise technology companies simplifying their products, services, and experiences

Customer Experience Simplicity in Technology: How Quality & Design Impact the Bottom Line

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | October 30, 2017
What is simplicity exactly? To me, simplicity means a demonstration of features, functionalities, processes, governance and design which are really necessary.

The One Element Of Product & Tech Design That Kills Customer Experience

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | October 22, 2017
In the technology industry, specifically within software and hardware usability, design and services, one of the biggest elements that hurts customer experience -- and by that I mean B2B...

The 22 Commandments Will Help You Overcome Customer Experience Quality Crises…

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | October 4, 2017
In my last article, I talked about quality by looking partially at the Samsung Galaxy S7 product issues. My focus in working with clients is often all the risk aspects...

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