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30 Customer Experience New Books I read in 2017 & Expected Books for 2018, Which I Highly Recommend!

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | February 26, 2018
Top 30 Customer Experience New Books, I Read in 2017 and 2018 Expected Books

Tear Down This Wall: 27 Ways to Bridge the Gap between CX Company Silos

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | February 25, 2018
bridge silos gap customer experience service

Old Version – Treating Customer Experience Silos Dysfunctional Syndrome, and Bridging it. 30 advice’s to Tear Down This Wall!

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | February 18, 2018
Treating Customer Experience Silos Dysfunctional

How Telefonica O2 got Customer Experience & Services so Wrong, and 27 Principles to save O2 Chaotic Experience

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | February 5, 2018
To say that the marriage between Telefonica and O2 is bad, is an understatement. Since the merger, Telefonica O2 yields high return, but poor quality in services and customers are the ones suffering the most.

The Pillars of seamless “IOT” transformation into better servitization customer experience and living experiences

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | January 7, 2018
Customer Experience The Pillars of seamless “ IOT ” transformation into better servitization, customer experience and living experiences - Where Services, Digital & Physical Products Meets #CX #IOT

Why Customer Experience & Tech are about Less than More? Stop Counterintuitive Design & Cut the Waste

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | November 13, 2017
This article will help you as a leader to decide or help your teams to decide where to cut useless features and functionalities. There is no sustainable customer experience without its real pillars: quality, design, great products, services and a human-centric design.

How do enterprise technology companies simplify their products services and experiences? Part II

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | November 6, 2017
In this article, we are going to give a few examples of enterprise technology companies simplifying their products, services, and experiences

Customer Experience Simplicity in Technology: How Quality & Design Impact the Bottom Line

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | October 30, 2017
What is simplicity exactly? To me, simplicity means a demonstration of features, functionalities, processes, governance and design which are really necessary.

The One Element Of Product & Tech Design That Kills Customer Experience

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | October 22, 2017
In the technology industry, specifically within software and hardware usability, design and services, one of the biggest elements that hurts customer experience -- and by that I mean B2B and B2C customers -- is overly-complicated product design.

The 22 Commandments Will Help You Overcome Customer Experience Quality Crises…

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | October 4, 2017
In my last article, I talked about quality by looking partially at the Samsung Galaxy S7 product issues. My focus in working with clients is often all the risk aspects that can impact the quality of customer experience, so I want to continue discussing quality. In this article, we’re going to use two personal examples (from different sectors) to illustrate...

Does Customer Experience fail due to design, culture, strategy, or … the “Q-word?”

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | October 3, 2017
Companies are shooting themselves in the foot consistently around their customer experience. Why? And how do we help them to make it better? In the past 18 months, we’ve seen several major customer experience blunders from big brands. There is a pathway to improving customer experience globally, but it’s not necessarily the way we think about it now....

Now Is Time to European Customer Experience and Design Association – Where we will help each other better!

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | October 1, 2017
The CXPA helps customer experience professionals make customer experience management an integral part of how their companies operate and to enable customer experience professionals to embed transformation across their organizations. Founded in 2011, the CXPA is the premier global non-profit international organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession.

Die European Customer Experience and Design Association kommt zu uns

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | September 30, 2017
Die CXPA hilft Customer-Experience (CX)-Spezialisten, das Customer-Experience-Management zu einem festen Bestandteil der Unternehmensausrichtung zu machen und Transformation über die gesamte Unternehmung hinweg einzubetten. Die CXPA wurde 2011 gegründet und ist die weltweit führende Non-Profit-Organisation für die Weiterbildung und Förderung von Customer-Experience-Managern.

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