Now Is Time to European Customer Experience and Design Association – Where we will help each other better!

Sad news:

Unfortunate, I found out that the CXPA, only helps friends and family in the majority of time, and expects you to help them and will in no point help back as often nice polite and multicultural organizations and people does.

Therefore after learning in the hard way from this group, which have no clue about respect for other cultures andpeople, I decided to opt out, only keeping my certificate.  Unfortunately, they goal is to help to promote their sponsors and core team only, and even when you try to help them, as I did they acted in very unusual unprofessional way, avoiding helping back and some times trying to hurt your great reputation.  Regrettably reminding me how Trump, the USA president  often acts. They just promote friends, family, and the core team as idolize their 2 founders which are still quietly leading them. So for now sadly and unfortunately, my suggestion bellow is not to get involved with them.

After this bad experience, we decided with a group of great leaders, here in Europe to create The European Customer Experience and Design Association for all humans across the globe and look forward to seeing you involved, we will help each other. This will be a global and multicultural new start up initiative for all of us. Connect with us and during the next few months we will announce more details. Several nice people are coming on  board.

We have one sponsor already and are searching for sponsor and to create the best events, and other amazing things around the globe. We need people like you on board and we will help promoting you as well.

Stay Tuned :  at Eglobalis

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We together will create a better world for Services and Customer Experience for All cultures and countries. In our multicultural societies

Thanks and kind regards Ricardo

The text bellow is just advised by my legal team to leave here!


The CXPA helps customer experience professionals make customer experience management an integral part of how their companies operate and to enable customer experience professionals to embed transformation across their organizations. Founded in 2011, the CXPA is the premier global non-profit international organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession.

The CXPA supports the professional development of its members and advances the field of Customer Experience, Customer Insights, People Experience, Analytics, Sales, Marketing and Care. The CXPA provides shared best practical practices and education, mentoring, developing standards, events, networking and co-creating opportunities, promoting the industry, and creating a better understanding of the discipline of Customer Experience.  The CXPA has over 4,500 members and rapidly growing, representing 70 countries across the globe. Our certification program is growing everyday with already 700 professionals certified worldwide and growing. 

The CX Industry has reached the point where it required a unified, informed, collective voice to guide its evolution. 

Over the past several years, the field of customer experience management has matured, we are seeing more and more companies recognize its importance as a key ingredient in building and maintaining customer loyalty, retention, engagement, measuring with the right KPIs and metrics.  The results obtained by transforming your organization in a successful customer centric (CX) company will significantly impact your customer,  talent and partner’s loyalty, retention satisfaction,  and your revenue growth results. A growing number of professionals have responsibility for assessing and improving customer experience in many channels (e.g., web, call center, face to face encounters, brick-and-mortar store, mobile commerce, etc.), with products and services and across entire organizations. Best practices for processes, governance, procurement, measurements, tools, and techniques are emerging across the customer experience management disciplines. In short, customer experience management has become an established profession and the CXPA is growing across DACH(Germany, Switzerland and Austria) as in other European countries and around the globe.

What Value CX Brings to You and Organizations:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Discussion Boards
  • Mentoring program
  • Events connecting CX and the Global Industry Experts 
  • Workshops of the best CX community around the globe
  • Access to a group of CX experts
  • Webinars, Panels and other online learning
  • Maturity models to help you plan your next level of maturity in CX
  • Introducing your company to the best experts and CX and CEM Leaders
  • Help to develop your unique Customer Experience, and creating  innovative ideas, using design thinking and services design and other customer strategy design technics
  • Certified Customer Experience CCXP Certification program
  • We help companies and individuals to bring their story and cases to the world of CX and CEM
  • Sponsorship and engagement in global events
  • Interact with the best CX companies and experts across the globe

How can. you help Build CX in our region?

As an individual and organization, you can help by:

  • Find an organization open to hosting local initial events and larger events later on.
  • Organizations that want to share their experience in CX and CEM with us and their unique stories of successes and failures and lessons learned
  • Top Leaders in Europe to talk in our events and help us to spread the word
  • Companies that want to share their work with us, to help us all learn from you
  • CXPA member and non-members to get  involved and help us to spread the world for our get together and events
  • We will start with smaller events and once a year have larger European event in some of the EU capitals to grow customer experience expertise
  • We are searching for sponsors to support our small and large events
  • We are also looking for locations to host our initial events in your organization, since we are a non-profitable association. Then we can start our initial get-togethers and organize it easily. Talk to Ricardo about that.

We invite you all to speak with us and engage.

Get involved!  Contact me via email at

Our Local Leadership Team in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

  • In Germany and Austria: Ricardo Saltz Gulko, Founder and Managing Principal at Eglobalis, Customer Experience, Insight and Innovation at
  • In Austria:  Ricardo Saltz Gulko, will help  care of this gorgeous country until some of our new members or non-member individuals or corporates can help us locally 


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About the Author:

Ricardo Saltz Gulko is a global strategist, thought leader, practitioner and speaker in the areas of customer experience, experience design, customer success, and global professional services. Ricardo has worked at numerous global technology companies, such as Oracle, Ericsson, Amdocs, Redknee, Inttra, Samsung among others as a global executive, focusing on enterprise software, services, design thinking and customer experience. He currently works with companies of varying sizes to transform themselves around CX, customer success pathways, and professional services. He holds a MBA at J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Evanston, IL USA and Undergraduate studies in Information Systems and Industrial Engineering. Ricardo is also a global citizen fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew and German. He is on the international advisory committee of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and currently resides in Munich, Germany with his family.

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