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The 6 CX Fundamentals of Organizational and Human Adaptiveness

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | July 5, 2020
The 6 Customer Experience Fundamentals of Organizational and Human Adaptiveness Change

6 Ways to Boost Customer Experience Design Adoption & Growth

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | June 28, 2020
Customer Experience increase Adoption and Revenue and listen to customers

Deep Leadership: Act Boldly to Protect Customers, Employees and Partners

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | June 16, 2020
Customer Experience Leadership Act boldly to protect customers and employees customer driven customer obsessed

A nice conversation with Engati Engage AI Customer Transformation, Change, Simplification & Real Innovation

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | June 12, 2020
Customer Experience, Customer Transformation, Change, Simplification and Innovation. Customer Success

Medtronic Puts Humans FIRST in Heroic COVID-19 Response

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | April 8, 2020
The number of companies willing to help us humans during the COVID-19 crisis is truly amazing. Medtronic is an amazing exception by going the extra mile, in their...

Customer Experience Best Books of 2019 – 2020 Readings

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | November 21, 2019
Customer Experience Best Books of 2019 -2020 Yearly List

Creating a Customer Experience Culture: What needs to change first?

By Ricardo Saltz Gulko | March 10, 2019
Creating a Customer Experience Culture - First change

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