A nice conversation with Engati Engage AI Customer Transformation, Change, Simplification & Real Innovation

A nice Engati initiative deserves always credit:

Recently, I had a very nice conversation with Engati Team about CX (Customer Transformation, Change, Simplification, & Real Innovation (Customer Experiences). Where they spoke with the top leaders on Customer Experience worldwide. Sharing a great video, podcasts, and articles. Whether your company is searching for #AI and chat-bots smart solutions Engati, should be within your radar of relevant options.

Here is part of my conversation, or you can visit their page directly. I hope you enjoy it!

Customer Experience, Customer Services, AI, and chatbots were also part of our discussion!

For the original article, video and podcast connect here with Engati.

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Ricardo. But, if you’d like to listen to him speak, you can catch the entire video in the Spotify podcast embedded below.

Do you think we have reached the stage where customer service is given the importance it deserves? If not, how do you create a customer-centric work culture?

Customer-centricity is a key element for any company. We’re not building perfect products that don’t need any servicing.

It’s especially important to use our time during the lockdowns to step up our customer service game. If you take care of your customers right now, they’re going to remember you when it’s all over. They’re going to stick with you.

Your leadership needs to be focused on customer-centricity. Your leaders need to focus on your customer.

You need to understand your customer. If you can’t understand your customers, you can’t serve them right. Take advantage of the various tools to process data. Use AI and chatbots as a way to understand your customers better. And now, use that data to personalize their experience.

You need to hire right. Don’t hire someone who will serve himself/herself. Hire people who are not just smart, but are ready to serve someone else. Ready to serve your customers and help them.

Training should be continuous. It should be a continuous journey, a continuous learning experience. It cannot be a one-time thing!

When designing a new product or service, keep your customer in mind. Don’t just create something that you want. Create things that you customers need.

Empower your employees. Don’t force them to ask their managers about things that they are capable of handling themselves.

Measure everything. You can’t understand anything if you’re not measuring anything.

How can Simplification transform Innovation Capacity and Technology  Design?

Simplification comes out of complexities. And complexities may not always be bad. Sometimes complex procedures are actually very important.

But, exaggerating the complexities is not always a great idea. Too many complexities can slow your pace down.

A few years ago, SAP was becoming way too complex. They were innovating in slow motion, but marketing in hyperspeed. So, they proceeded to acquire new companies. They even created a culture of simplification. In 2019, they even announced that they were investing around $1 billion in simplifying the company.

When it comes to technology design, you need to design for adoption. Design things solutions that. are easy to use and to adopt. Your solution should solve their problem, not confuse them further.

What do you think about chatbots being implemented in an attempt to improve digital experiences? What advantages do they bring in?

They improve efficiency. They give you and your customers faster access to information.

PWC research shows that you spend 33% of your time on a customer support call trying to explain your problem to the representative. The agent takes 25% of your time trying to find a solution. This can be very frustrating.

But with chatbots, they can solve your problem immediately. If its too complex a problem, they can pass you on to a human. This results in a much better experience.

It’s even better than self service. You don’t even need to search for information, it’s delivered to you.

Sephora and H&M are creating really great experiences with the help of chatbots.

How are AI and modern technology in general, helping businesses create better experiences and provide better service?

in a few years, AI is going to improve phenomenally. It’s going to speed it tremendously. It will be able to process information much faster and with far greater precision.

It’s going to help us answer questions much faster, solve customer queries in a better manner and create a better experience for them.

What should businesses keep in mind while trying to create great customer experiences during and after the lockdown?


To read and look in Engati Engage original conversation connect here to Engati.

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