About Eglobalis

We strategize and transform your organization, helping to develop your enterprise culture and strategies, your people, your customer experience, your service offerings excellence, and your product catalogs. The end goal is customer success and revenue generation. It’s a co-created process the entire way.

Our current customer portfolio includes Samsung, Amdocs, BlackBerry, Orange, Vodafone, HP, Oracle, Ericsson, Redknee, and other global corporations and mid-tier/early-stage businesses.

We work with C-suite and top management to understand and build out the strategies around customer experience, customer centricity, services, hyper personalization, professional services, living services, and multichannel services, (human and Digital interaction), customer services and support, performance measurement, proper use of analytics, and services delivery enhancements.

We always connect customer experience back to the organizational KPIs and bottom line. We also put in place programs to identify behavior patterns and discover customer concerns more proactively. We Improve B2B talent engagement and service by implementing data-driven hyper-personalized solutions, including digital, human, services delivery, social strategies and customer care.

We help large partners and customers to develop Industry 4.0 — the so-called “smart factory” — and preventative maintenance among other things that IOT, cloud and analytics allow us. We essentially create innovative ideas and solutions with customers.

We connect people technology, digital transformation with growth and positive outcomes.

We want to make your processes both predictive (analytically see problems before they occur) and preventative (know immediately what to do when they occur) with data driven services experience. We help you to manage quality, products, customer experience, risks and services crisis, to avoid damage for your brand — and customer churn. (We recently did this for Samsung). We help companies to regain their customers trust and brand value by developing marketing campaigns synchronized with customer experience and recovery strategies.

For more on how to work with us or have an initial discussion about your current pain points and frictions, contact us below.

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