Creating a Customer Experience Culture: What needs to change first?

Creating a Customer Experience Culture - First change

30 Customer Experience New Books I read in 2017 & Expected Books for 2018, Which I Highly Recommend!

Top 30 Customer Experience New Books, I Read in 2017 and 2018 Expected Books

How Telefonica O2 got Customer Experience & Services so Wrong, and 27 Principles to save O2 Chaotic Experience

To say that the marriage between Telefonica and O2 is bad, is an understatement. Since the merger, Telefonica O2 yields high return, but poor quality in services and customers are the ones suffering the most.

Why Customer Experience & Tech are about Less than More? Stop Counterintuitive Design & Cut the Waste

This article will help you as a leader to decide or help your teams to decide where to cut useless features and functionalities. There is no sustainable customer experience without its real pillars: quality, design, great products, services and a human-centric design.