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The companies that succeed the most are the ones that have the ability to listen, learn, adapt, simplify, innovate, measure, generate change and growth by delivering a great digitally or physically transformative human experience.

Is your company doing that? Let’s learn together by listening to real stories from global leaders.

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Ricardo Saltz Gulko is the Eglobalis managing director, a global strategist, thought leader, practitioner, and keynote speaker in the areas of simplification and change, customer experience, experience design, and global professional services. Ricardo has worked at numerous global technology companies, such as Oracle, Ericsson, Amdocs, Redknee, Inttra, Samsung as a global executive, focusing on enterprise technologies.

He currently works with tech global companies aiming to transform themselves around simplification models, culture and digital transformation, customer and employee experience as professional services. Eglobalis helps companies and top executives in accelerating growth, change, adaptation, engagement and ensuring growth and outstanding results based on continued enhanced experiences.

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