Eglobalis: Ensure Services, Products are aligned with Your Customer Experience. We focus our work with companies around the 4 Ps: People, Preparation, Prevention, and Proactivity
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We Make You a Customer, People Centric Organization Blending Our Ideas Together

When developing great people-centric design experiences for customers, talent, and partners, it is imperative that the benefits cannot be harvested without consistent qualitative operations delivery.

Companies oftentimes find it challenging to build frictionless end-to-end customer experiences given internal and outside challenges, collaboration, management, and knowledge about how exactly to execute it.

We offer several customizable solutions tailored to your unique needs and challenges:

  • We work on “Design Thinking and Innovation” with you
  • We ensure your usability (UX) and your frictionless experiences works for customers
  • We help brands overcome customer experience and customer perception crises
  • We help break down silos so that collaborative, customer-centric cultures can develop
  • We can take you from the local to the global level
  • We design and enhance services, products quality through a focus on quality and customer centricity.

  • We design customer experiences, services to enhance brand awareness, your company engagement, loyalty, retention, renewals and profit growth.

  • We develop your next moment of magic for customers
  • We help you develop a new portfolio of professional services offerings

We Transform You in an Unique, Customer, Quality Organization

What differentiates the best customer-centric companies? This is what we help our customers to achieve, not by emulating other top brands, but by developing your unique style of People, Customer Experience and Services.

By keeping your personality and brand uniqueness you will enhance revenue generation, satisfaction, loyalty, engagement, references and your overall results. We help you to develop unique experiences and manage them.

That is nearly impossible for competitors to replicate.

  • We Assess your Organization Drama & State of Customer Centricity
  • We Help with Hands On Work to Ensure you will Implement what we co create together
  • We Transform Leadership, People and Technology Utilization and Behaviors
  • We Help Your HR and Top Executives to Hire Only Quality and Customer-Centric Excellence
  • We Help Your Organization with Voice of Employee (VOE) and Voice of Customer (VOC), and other quantitative and qualitative systems and methods.
  • We help your organization to simplify your Product, Services and Customer Experience Design (We help companies to create simplicity with efficiency)
  • We Help You to choose your Technology Partners for Services and Customer Experience

We Help You By Transforming The Way You Interact Physically And Digitally. How we will deliver that:

  • Customer Experience, Quality and Services Assessment: We Help You Solve Issues Hands On
  • What Attracts Your Customers and ensure loyalty? We Help You Answer This Question Using Analytics, VOC or VOE
  • We help you in Defining and Measuring Results Using Analytics, Net Promoter® System, CSAT, CES and other tools, KPI’s Services Measurements and Metrics.
  • We help Customers to Listen Customer Feedback, Close the Loop, Utilize Insights and Enhance Performance and Results of Your Experiences
  • We enhance Processes, Procurement & Governance To Ensure Your Quality and CX Excellence
  • We Deliver End to End Quality Customer Experience Program
  • Voice of Customer program design: Ranges from survey design through closing the loop and action to be adopted.

How do we do all that?

  • Workshops, Consulting, Hands On Work to Get Things Done and Enhanced Customer Experience , Co-Creating with You and Your Talent and Customers
  • We Design Human-Centered Products and Services For Your Customers
  • We connect the strategies to the KPIs
  • We help organizations win and regain customers
  • We help you not be boring.
  • We help you to avoid being a boring brand, and ensure you will have again the #SCX* customer appeal. (*SCX= Services and Customer Experience)
  • We Have Also Several Global Partners Working With Us
  • Must important: We Deliver with You!


Based in our Experience and Services for our customers, we developed several workshops to help companies to improve their customer experience, people, product and services experience targeting enhanced results for our customers.

Here are some delivered in Samsung Electronics Division, Oracle, Techniker Krankasse, and others:

  • Developing a Talented Force to Generate Empathy with Customers and properly interact with Humans 1-2 days
  • How to Overcome Services, Products and Customer Experience Quality Crisis and Manage it with Customers 1-2 Days
  • How to Develop Simplicity on Product/ Services and Customer Experience (4 hours)
  • How to develop Quality , to ensure Your Customer Experience Success
  • Developing and Combining Your Business Model, Analytics and Your Best Possible Customer Experience and Services 1 day
  • How to Generate Value and Revenue out of New Services and Customer Experience with Design Thinking Strategies 1-2 day
  • Onboarding program for Talent, Partners and Customers: Making Companies Engagement Stronger 1-2 Days
  • Don’t Risk anything: People, Preparation, Prevention, and Proactivity. How to Mitigate Your Services, Products and Customer Experience Risks and Ensure Longevity 2-3 days
  • Let’s have a Journey and Map it Together to Improve Your Company.
  • Journey mapping (JM) workshops: Facilitate JM exercises and transfer knowledge to your teams about how to journey map, validate maps with customers, and develop ideal future maps situation.


I can speak in English, Portuguese, Hebrew, Spanish, German*.

I speak specifically about those 12 general subjects tailored to your event and company needs:

  • People Centric Organization
  • Customer and Services Experience Design
  • Transforming Your Company: All Employees are CEO’s
  • Transforming and Connecting People and Innovation
  • Your Business: Changing to a World of Quality, Simplicity and Design
  • Quality as Leverage tool to Your Customer Experience (Samsung Case)
  • Developing Services Catalog With You. (This one typically requires 1-2 days.)
  • Building People, Customers and Organizations Success
  • Empathy as a Leverage Tool To a Customer Centric Organizations… Success and Failures
  • Technology and People How They Connect, Do we Really Need it?
  • Connecting CX, Technology and People Results
  • Diabetic Centric Motivational Speaking Engagements : 20% of these speaking engagements are donated to Diabetes Research at Harvard Faustman Lab

    • We are all Sweet, So What Happens Now. Look To the Full Half of the glass
    • Diabetes – Testing To Success
    • Measuring Your Diabetes Experience
      • NPS Measure Customer Experience Success
      • Hemoglobin A1c Measure Diabetes Success
    • How Diabetes Makes Me Positive & Effective, and How You Can Learn from It

PS: 10% of my company net revenue and up to 20% of all revenue generated by my speaking engagements around the globe are donated to Diabetes Research at Harvard Faustman Lab

100% of my forthcoming book revenue will be donated for 3 best research labs and associations around the world. This information will be shared in details prior to our book launch.

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